Welcome to naturum Gotland!

Foto: David Lundgren

​naturum is a visitor centre to receive people who visit natural or cultural environments which are protected or otherwise worth experiencing. This Swedish facility was established in 1973, when the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a pilot project at three locations based on American and British models. Today there are more than 30 naturum in Sweden.

naturum Gotland is located at Vamlingbo Prästgård, south of Burgsvik on the southern part of the island. You will find a permanent exhibition here about Gotlands geology, nature, and cultural history, as well as knowledgeable personnel who will help you with your questions and provide tips on what is worth seeing at the moment, and how to find your way around the island. naturum also has temporary exhibitions, which presently are ”sustainable consumption” created by Terra Nova skolan on Gotland.

​We offer a variety of guided tours. Here is our present daily program 2018:

At 13:00 we check which night active insects that have landed in our light trap.
At 14:00 daily guiden tours in surroundings of naturum
At 15:00 we visit our ’bee hotel’!

​Don’t miss our orchid news site here, and recent observations by our visitors!

We looking forward to meet you!

 Laila, Lasse

Naturum is open daily during the summer, from 1 May until 16 September. Entrance is free!

​Opening hours summer 2018:

1 May to 30 June 11am -17:00.

1 July to 14 August, 11am -18:00.

15 August to 16 September, 11am -17:00.

If you need to contact us, please call +46 10223 9690, or write to info(at)naturumgotland.se